Consulting with a psychological edgePeople Savvy Consulting is a unique organisation development and change management consultancy specialising in executive coaching, leadership, team development, and culture change.

Based in London, UK, and working internationally, People Savvy Consulting specialises in the people dimensions of your business.

Together, we have over 65 years experience at understanding and working with people and change. We have a unique depth of expertise, enabling us to tap the very root of human and systemic behaviour. We believe there is a lot to the saying that most leading and managing happens through relationships and small groups.

  • Do you have leaders who take full responsibility for their actions, understand teams, and coach and motivate their people to excel?
  • How often do you encounter brilliant performers whose limited self-awareness and people skills sabotage their career progression and ultimate success?
  • When was the last time you experienced real dialogue during a meeting or conversation where the possibility of change, shared accountability, and joint commitment to action was achieved?
  • How do you change the culture in your organisation to the one you want to work in?
  • Have you known something was not quite working in an individual, relationship, or team but didn’t know why, or what to do about it?
  • Do you have a feeling that you could be more potent in your work, personal leadership, and relationships but think you are getting in your own way?

We are experts in working at the edge of business and psychology where subtle and powerful unconscious forces impact on morale, productivity and ultimately, results. We create environments where ‘first time’ discussions take place leading to deep change and transformation. We equip your people with the critical skills and awareness to deal with complex human, group and systems dynamics that have the potential to either realise – or derail – your company’s vision and goals.

People Savvy Consulting understands how critical it is for people dimensions to be working at their very best. We also understand that the way your people lead and manage and how they communicate with your customers and stakeholders is often your only point of difference in the market place.


Transformational coachingTransformational coaching provides a powerful forum for you to reflect and to explore how your thoughts, feelings, and actions influence your relationships, team experiences, and how you navigate organisational demands. We partner with you by providing a safe, honest, supportive, and challenging environment in which you can discover aspects of yourself, and make the changes you want in your life.  More»»Team coachingTeam Coaching assists executive teams to have open and honest discussions, develop more trust, challenge each other, and understand how they are operating in order to work together in more creative and potent ways. The experience of team coaching enhances your ability to influentially take up your leadership in a group – whether you are the formal leader or a team member – so that the teams you are involved with can reach their full potential.  More»»LeadershipLeadership skills that are people savvy are essential for effective leaders. You are in countless situations daily that require you to communicate, lead, facilitate, and coach to bring out the best in the people around you. You need to be able to analyse and manage people and dynamics just as well as you do the business. Leaders who have these skills influence people to think, to be accountable, and engaged. Leaders like this know how to balance the task and people dimensions.  More»»Culture changeOrganisational culture is one of the most powerful performance drivers that leaders and managers have available to them. We appreciate that getting the culture right can drive morale and high performance in the same way that the wrong culture can be counter-productive and contribute to low performance. Our clients are usually sophisticated thinkers who understand that organisational effectiveness is largely influenced by the quality of their organisation’s leadership, its people and their people skills, and the culture.  More»»


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